Monday, October 25, 2010

Due Diligence Advisory Services in Delhi, NCR

For the growth of any business enterprise due diligence services have great importance. Due diligence reports and business, analysis helps the organization to understand what is essential for their growth and development in the near future.

In due diligence services professionals look after the company investments, make strategies and help them in company mergers. Through due diligence services you can assess your company target and help yourself in making further decision.

There are several management consultants available in India and Delhi NCR that provides due diligence services. However, among all of them a very few are widely recognized as a leading management consultants, who have expertise in providing special skills in auditing and due diligence services. Among all such well known management consultants Kriti advisory services Pvt. Ltd. is one emerging name.

Kriti advisory services has group of experts who help their clients in achieving highest level of compliances and risk management. In due diligence advisory services Kriti provides regular corporate compliance management, due diligence reporting for public issues, transaction diligence for investments and acquisitions, secretarial support services for ongoing compliances and Periodic and specific audits for reporting fallbacks.

So if you are looking for management consultants who can help you with his professional due diligence services Kriti Advisory Services Pvt.Ltd., is one stop solution for all.

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Corporate Strategy and Restructuring Advisory Services

Corporate strategies and Restructuring advisory services are must for the growth and development of any enterprise. Several companies provide corporate strategies and restructuring advices to their subordinate companies who are not so well established or who are facing major troubles in their growth. These subordinate companies are unable to find out where the actual problem lies which is restricting their growth. Therefore, to understand their flaws they prefer to work in collaboration with other robust companies or they prefer to contact those management consultants who offer Corporate Strategy & Restructuring Advisory Services.

There are several management consultants available in India and Delhi, NCR that provides these services but a very few consultants are there who have a group of experts who knows how to resolve these problems professionally. Among all such experts Kriti advisory services Pvt. Ltd. is one renowned name.

If Kriti experts feel that any two companies can work together in much better way, then they emphasis on their amalgamation and in case if there is any problem in the company’s corporate strategies due to which the company is not getting good output or they are not getting a good turn over, then Kriti advices and emphasis on corporate restructuring. Kriti Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. urge their clients for company’s mergers and Demerger and if the companies face any problem in dealing with other company then Kriti experts known how to negotiate the deal.

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Advisory Customs Related Services in Delhi

Various kinds of goods and materials have been transported by air transport every day. Among which many are very precious and costly and many are vulnerable and fragile. Those goods, which do not have much importance, get clearance easily, but a few products which are costly and on which people often do forgeries have not been cleared easily.

The scenario changes dramatically when units registered under SEZ / EOU / STPI Schemes do the import, export of good, and services. Such schemes provide for import of duty free capital goods etc. and require in-depth knowledge of such schemes and policies along with the procedures involved.

Among all those well-known management consultants, Kriti Advisory Service Pvt. Ltd. is one brand name, which has earned lot of prominence in the last few years with its professional Advisory Customs Related Services in Delhi NCR for its clients registered under SEZ/ EOU/ STPI Schemes.

Kriti Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. is one good platform that helps their clients in getting approval to set-up Bonded Warehouse and helps the exporters and importers in selling and purchasing of excise-duty free local commercial goods. Kriti experts look after the inspection of the bonded premises, and Kriti expert’s helps in maintenance of various statutory registers and records required under various provisions of the Customs Act, 1961. Kriti is one best solution of every problem a company can face while going through the custom clearances under SEZ/ EOU/ STPI Schemes.

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RBI / FEMA Advisory Services in NCR

NCR are is the main trading centre in India so most of the foreign investors are always in search of a place from where they could begin their journey or business. Location really matters, but land acquisition in this region is really like a sweet dream. In addition, if you are an NRI then it is like a nightmare. Because to invest in real estate or to acquire an immovable property in India an NRI need to follow a set of rules prescribed by RBI (Reserve Bank of India) under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999.

Whether it is public sector or corporate sector, every leading organization wanted to establish their corporate and branch office in NCR. However, without the help of a management consultant who provides RBI/FEMA services in NCR all seems almost impossible. There are several management consultants available in India that provides RBI / FEMA Advisory Services, but in NCR, Kriti advisory service Pvt.Ltd. is one leading management consultant.

Whether it is foreign investment in India or direct investment outside India, Kriti experts try its best to seek the approval from Foreign Investment Promotional Board and RBI for its clients. Kriti Advisory services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading RBI/ FEMA consultancy Service provider in NCR which help in business promotion and business establishment. For most of the foreign entrepreneurs, Kriti is a one well-known platform that assists in starting a business in professional way.

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STPI Consultancy Advisory Services in Delhi

All over the world, companies are persistently demanding more and more computer services and computer software to run their program, but forwarding and exporting of computer software is not an easy task. For exporting the computer software from India, we need to take approval from a government agency known as STPI (Software technology parks of India).

STPI agency was established in1991 by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Under this agency, government employee runs a software technology park scheme, which is an export-oriented scheme for the development of computer software and the professional services. Thousands of business enterprises are registered under STPI, due to which the export in IT/ITES Industry has increased manifolds.

However, because they face problems in getting approvals, entrepreneurs prefer to consult management consultancy firm who provides STPI consultancy advisory services. There are many of such consultancies firms running across the nation but in Delhi NCR Kriti advisory services Pvt. Ltd. has a good hold in the market on which people trust.

In NCR, if you need any assistance in this regards you can contact Kriti experts. Those companies, who deal in computer software, Kriti advisory services is one stop solution of all STPI related matters.
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