Sunday, November 28, 2010

STPI Consultant in India

Almost every IT company, who has registered themselves under the software technology parks of India (STPI) scheme, is getting full benefits of tax exemption under “Tax Holiday”. Whether it is any large enterprise or SMEs, every enterprise gets ten years of tax exemption on the exportation of the software from India. Nevertheless, since the date for the expiry of STPI scheme is coming near i.e. the 31st march of 2011, the tensions of the SMEs is being intensified day by day.
If the Finance Ministry does not extend the date of its termination then small and medium enterprises (SMEs) could face major troubles and financial losses in their businesses. The biggest threat, which they are facing nowadays, is about carving their niche in the Special Economic Zones (SEZ). As if, in case, Finance Ministry would not extend this scheme then these SMEs would have no other option left except to migrate to SEZs.

Therefore, if you are concerned for your future business prospects and if you are looking for some expert who could help you out by his professional STPI advisory services then you really do not have a better option than the Kriti Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. There are many consultants and advisory firms who are providing STPI advisory services, but in Delhi/NCR there is only brand name that is emerging with much higher pace and it is not anybody else except Kriti Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. Kriti is a concern formed of well-qualified professionals, who have an in-depth knowledge about the corporate affairs and IT industry particularly in STPI related matters and are already catering to a large base of IT clients. If you are facing any troubles in STPI/SEZ related services then you can feel free to contact Kriti experts who provide their services on a very reasonable price.

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STPI Consultant in Delhi NCR

There are around 9,000 IT companies have registered themselves under the software technology parks of India scheme (STPI). Under this scheme, these IT companies get tax compensation for ten years under the tax holiday reign. Under this scheme, all these companies are allowed to export and import tax free computer software.

This is one best way to earn many financial benefits. That is why almost every company wants to enlist themselves under this scheme. However, do you know what the correct procedure is? If no, then contact consultancy and advisory firm that provides STPI consultancy services on reasonable price.

These consultancy firms know the correct procedure and they try their best that their clients do not face any trouble. Though, there are thousands of such consultancies and advisory firms are running in India that provides STPI advisory services, but if you are looking for one well-known name in Delhi NCR, then there is only brand name that is Kriti Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. Kriti experts have a wide range of experience in dealing with the STPI related matters. Thus, if you are willing to contact Kriti experts visit

STPI Consultancy firm in India

Software technology parks of India (STPI), is one of the schemes, which is launched by the ministry of the information technology for the betterment of the IT sector in India. The prime motive to launch this scheme is to give a boost start to the software exportation enterprises of India. All the enterprise that is registered under it gets tax concession on the exportation of the software from India.

However, since the date for the termination of this scheme is coming near i.e. 31 March 2011, most of the enterprises who have registered themselves under this scheme have started searching new avenue to get tax exemptions. It will also involve the debonding of their registered premises, surrender of the existing registration or shifting to other tax saving schemes. Those who have a slight idea about the consultancy firms that provides STPI consultancy services are contacting them.

These consultancy firms help their clients in getting green card issuance and they help them in getting approval for STPI registration. Along with this, they maintain records of software that are exported duty free and advice their clients while getting into any agreements and undertakings. Thus, if you are willing to contact such professionals, visit Kriti Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd., is a formation of highly qualifies professionals from different streams of commerce, so they can give you the best advice from all perspective of corporate affairs.

SEZ Consultancy Firm in India

Today, almost every enterprise, who is in the IT business, building and construction Industry or in any other business of exporting and importing of manufactured goods, want to establish its business unit in Special Economical Zones (SEZs). However, to establish a business unit in these SEZs is not an easy task, because for this, one needs to take approval from government authorities and regulatory bodies, not which every company gets easily.

The large-scale enterprises still get place in these SEZs, but those who are running small and medium enterprises (SMEs) face the biggest problems. That is why most of the domestic level enterprises prefer to take help from those consultancy and advisory firms who provide SEZ advisory services.

Though, there are several such consultancy and advisory firms are running across the nation who provides SEZs concerned advices, However, if you are looking for a leading specialist provides such services then you really won’t get a better option than Kriti Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.

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EOU Consultancy Firm in India

For the development of the foreign investment in India and growth of the Industrial sectors in Special Economic Zones (SEZs), government has introduced several export-oriented schemes in India, such as STPI and EOU. According to these schemes, all the large, small, and medium enterprises (SMEs) are exempted from the sales taxes and other custom duties levied on the exportation of their goods and materials.

To obtain the total profit of these schemes, today each enterprise wanted to establish their Export Oriented Unit (EOU) within the range of the SEZs. There are several SMEs who are booming with quite rapid speed and some are not, because many small and medium enterprises are aware about the EUO consultancy and advisory services and many do not. A few wise enterprises prefer to contact the consultancy and advisory services instead of watching their ill fate.

However, there are many EOU consultants and advisory services provider are available in India but if you are looking for well-known specialist then visit Kriti Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd is a team of highly skilled professionals who understands the market position and has expertise in dealing with all sort of corporate affairs.