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DOT Licensing Consultant in India

Whether you are in IT industry or any other industry, if you are willing to establish a call centre in India you need to take approval for it from Department of Telecommunication (DOT).

To start a new mobile service in India, every foreign enterprise needs to take approval from Dot, only then they can provide these services in the country. Once the company completes all the formalities, DOT provides them the license to deliver their services in the area assigned to them. However, whenever DOT wants it can cancel your license. There could be any reason for the cancellation of your license, such as incomplete documentation or may be the security concern.

Thus, if you are too willing to start a call centre or you too want to establish your mobile phone service in India you need to register yourself under the DOT. However, it is a simple process but still if you are doubtful and you want to seek some help then there are several consultancy firms running in India that provides DOT licensing consultancy service on a reasonable price.

Thus, if you are not willing to face any trouble and you want to fetch the in-depth information and procedure of DOT, then tab on to a few website and know about DOT consultants. As there are several websites available on internet that provides information about the DOT, but if you are thinking that from where you should begin then visit

Registered Office Consultant in India

Today, nobody wants to spend his or her life as being an employee only. Everybody wants to be the employer one day. Especially, in the corporate world, everyone wants to pioneer his or her own business.

However, to commence a new enterprise is not an easy task, because it requires a lot of financial support, consultancy, reliable employees who stands along with the entrepreneur whenever he needs their assistance. Besides all this, we need to have an infrastructure as well. Infrastructures are needed not only to run the business operations, but also to establish the registered office, corporate offices, and branch offices as well. However, among all these offices the most significant office is the registered office, because every enterprise needs to have a registered office in the state where the company is registered.

Thus, to have a registered office is become an obligatory for every enterprise. Those who have some property, they turn it into their registered office, but those who do not possess any such office complex or any other infrastructure often face major trouble while establishing the registered office or commencing a new business. Which place is appropriate to make registered office is a big question that comes to the mind of every entrepreneur. Especially those who run a small business, face major problems because to take a place on rent on agreement that is also not possible for them. This is the reason why most of the entrepreneurs prefer to consult registered office consultant in India. There are several management consultancy firms available in India that provide registered office consultancy to both small and medium enterprise (SMEs) and large enterprise. In this service, they provide a temporary address that plays the role of the registered office address.

For foreign enterprise, it is one best way to begin their business in other countries as well. However, there are several registered office consultancy firms available in India but if you are looking for the best one, then visit

Corporate Law Services Consultant in India

In corporate world, whether you are in IT industry, real estate or any other business, to perform any act or to make any agreement or contract, you need to follow a set of rules prescribed in the different statutory laws.

Thus, if you are willing to begin an enterprise then you must know how to seek these services, as if you are not willing to hire these experts then you have one more option available in the market that is to consult a corporate law services consultant. These consultants are a formation of experts from varied domains, as mentioned above chartered accountants who look after all your audit & taxation related issues and then second the professional corporate consultant who assists you on every stage as what is the right way to approach any agreement.

However, there several such consultancy firms available in India but if you are searching for one well know service provider then visit.

Foreign collaborations/Joint Ventures Consultant in India

Indian is a hub of business opportunities, every year thousands of foreign enterprises invest in Indian Business to extend their business offshoots.

Whether it is any small and medium enterprise (SMEs) or large enterprise expansion of the business is the dream of every individual organization. To expand their business across the globe several enterprises who are in common business or those who have common goals or whose area of interest is same often work in collaboration or joint ventures. Every year hundreds of foreign collaboration and joint venture take place between the Indian companies and foreign investors.

However, merging in joint venture and collaboration of foreign companies with the Indian enterprise or vise a versa is not an easy task, because it requires attaining varied kind of approvals from distinct government authorities. It varies from business to business, as in what business you are welcome. If you are in the IT industry and you are dealing in export and import of software then you need to register yourself in the STPI scheme, similarly if you are in real estate sector then you need to comply the RBI/FEMA provisions.

Though, there are several such consultancy firms available in the nation that provides several similar kinds of business advisory service but if you are looking for one professional consultancy advisory service provider who have expertise in supporting the foreign enterprises in performing their collaboration and joint venture with the Indian enterprises then you really do not have a better option than

Compounding of Contravention under FEMA

The compounding of the contravention under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, (FEMA), 1999 was implemented by the Reserve Bank by putting in place the simplified procedures for compounding with effect from February 1, 2005 with a view to providing comfort to the citizens and corporate community by minimizing transaction costs, while taking a serious view of the willful, malafide and fraudulent transactions.


The objective is to rationalize and streamline the process and the procedure of compounding and to enhance transparency for the smooth implementation of the compounding process.


Persons who have flouted / contempt the FEMA will be allowed to settle the offence by paying monetary penalty and will not have to go for litigation if such a person acknowledges contravention. This, however, will not apply to hawala transactions.
The Reserve Bank also advises the persons concerned with an option to make an application for compounding as and when such contraventions come to its notice.

Compounding Powers:

Compounding Powers of RBI: Reserve Bank has been empowered to compound the contraventions of all the Sections of FEMA, 1999, except clause (a) of Section 3 of the Act.

Compounding Powers of DOE: Directorate of Enforcement would exercise powers of compounding under clause (a) of Section 3 of FEMA, 1999 (dealing essentially with Hawala transactions).

Conclusion of Compounding Proceedings:

As per the new norms, the RBI will be required to conclude case proceedings within 180 days from the receipt for application for compounding and the sum worked out after compounding has to be pay within 15 days from the order of compounding.

Once the Compounding Authority has compounded a contravention, no proceeding or further proceeding will be initiate or continue, as the case may be, against the contravener.

However, the order passed by RBI will be applicable for a period of three years. If a second offence is committed after the expiry of three years, it will be deem as a fresh contravention and not a repetition of the earlier one.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

STPI Consultant in India

Almost every IT company, who has registered themselves under the software technology parks of India (STPI) scheme, is getting full benefits of tax exemption under “Tax Holiday”. Whether it is any large enterprise or SMEs, every enterprise gets ten years of tax exemption on the exportation of the software from India. Nevertheless, since the date for the expiry of STPI scheme is coming near i.e. the 31st march of 2011, the tensions of the SMEs is being intensified day by day.
If the Finance Ministry does not extend the date of its termination then small and medium enterprises (SMEs) could face major troubles and financial losses in their businesses. The biggest threat, which they are facing nowadays, is about carving their niche in the Special Economic Zones (SEZ). As if, in case, Finance Ministry would not extend this scheme then these SMEs would have no other option left except to migrate to SEZs.

Therefore, if you are concerned for your future business prospects and if you are looking for some expert who could help you out by his professional STPI advisory services then you really do not have a better option than the Kriti Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. There are many consultants and advisory firms who are providing STPI advisory services, but in Delhi/NCR there is only brand name that is emerging with much higher pace and it is not anybody else except Kriti Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. Kriti is a concern formed of well-qualified professionals, who have an in-depth knowledge about the corporate affairs and IT industry particularly in STPI related matters and are already catering to a large base of IT clients. If you are facing any troubles in STPI/SEZ related services then you can feel free to contact Kriti experts who provide their services on a very reasonable price.

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STPI Consultant in Delhi NCR

There are around 9,000 IT companies have registered themselves under the software technology parks of India scheme (STPI). Under this scheme, these IT companies get tax compensation for ten years under the tax holiday reign. Under this scheme, all these companies are allowed to export and import tax free computer software.

This is one best way to earn many financial benefits. That is why almost every company wants to enlist themselves under this scheme. However, do you know what the correct procedure is? If no, then contact consultancy and advisory firm that provides STPI consultancy services on reasonable price.

These consultancy firms know the correct procedure and they try their best that their clients do not face any trouble. Though, there are thousands of such consultancies and advisory firms are running in India that provides STPI advisory services, but if you are looking for one well-known name in Delhi NCR, then there is only brand name that is Kriti Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. Kriti experts have a wide range of experience in dealing with the STPI related matters. Thus, if you are willing to contact Kriti experts visit