Saturday, December 25, 2010

Foreign collaborations/Joint Ventures Consultant in India

Indian is a hub of business opportunities, every year thousands of foreign enterprises invest in Indian Business to extend their business offshoots.

Whether it is any small and medium enterprise (SMEs) or large enterprise expansion of the business is the dream of every individual organization. To expand their business across the globe several enterprises who are in common business or those who have common goals or whose area of interest is same often work in collaboration or joint ventures. Every year hundreds of foreign collaboration and joint venture take place between the Indian companies and foreign investors.

However, merging in joint venture and collaboration of foreign companies with the Indian enterprise or vise a versa is not an easy task, because it requires attaining varied kind of approvals from distinct government authorities. It varies from business to business, as in what business you are welcome. If you are in the IT industry and you are dealing in export and import of software then you need to register yourself in the STPI scheme, similarly if you are in real estate sector then you need to comply the RBI/FEMA provisions.

Though, there are several such consultancy firms available in the nation that provides several similar kinds of business advisory service but if you are looking for one professional consultancy advisory service provider who have expertise in supporting the foreign enterprises in performing their collaboration and joint venture with the Indian enterprises then you really do not have a better option than

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